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Basic Guidelines

Post by Tom Supergan » Wed, Jul 04 2007 8:50 pm

I'd like to have a popular forum where we can share what we find most humorous.

However, this is NOT a place for you to cut and paste every joke that you find on the internet or you receive in your email. They are already posted on the internet on thousands of sites already, and this is not yet another place to store them.

Be creative--make up your own jokes. If you must post copies that everyone has already seen a hundred times, just keep it to your "Top-10" list. If another one comes along that you just have to post, delete one of your old ones first.

However, you can link to as many as you want without limit. Sort of an index of all your favorites.

A good place to link to is to find it by doing a search over here, then link to it with a title in your post. It'll look like this when you edit your post:

Code: Select all

[url=]Cheap gift[/url]
and look like this in your post:

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